How the Playoff Will Helps Texas College Football Goes Top of the Texas Polls

The Texas Longhorns is enjoying a huge season with regular season football coming to an end. The team has been playing well and has two straight conference titles, while also being at the top of the polls in the Big 12. This is all great news for Texas Football fans, but one thing that is not getting much attention is the possibility of a new college football playoff or a tournament-type situation if the Big 12 still has some members left.

The conference that Texas plays in does not have a regular season championship game. Therefore, there is no way for the team to be involved in a playoff or for the league to have a bowl game. Therefore, any tournament type situations need to be ruled out immediately, or they can be used to boost interest in the future.

Now, with this being said, you have to look at what kind of games the team is playing and if it is playing against the right teams. If the players are all performing well, there should be enough teams to actually make it competitive and make a great tournament.

The problem is that some of the top players in the country are playing Texas. Therefore, with the level of talent playing Texas, it is almost impossible for the rest of the teams to stay ahead of them, which makes the playoffs much less likely.

If you take a look at how the regular season has gone, you would realize that even the teams that were supposed to finish far behind the Longhorns have won some games. Still, this just proves the point that there is a lot of talent and experience on Texas teams.

They also got to the Big 12 championship game as the team that finished third in their conference, thus securing a spot at the Orange Bowl in Orlando. So if this scenario happens, I think it would be a great way to keep the interest in the league alive for future seasons.

A nice tie up of the conference championship game with some sort of tournament should really help build a great fan base for future seasons. I have always thought that the Orange Bowl is more of a home-field advantage for the teams than anything else, so a nice addition to the playoff would really be nice.

This can start a new trend for the major bowls in a couple of years. This can help make all the teams from all four conferences play each other much more often and all the playoff games can mean a bigger chunk of the television money for all the teams.

Also, with the popularity of the playoff, it will help the teams from the SEC and Big 12 find a way to win every year, something that might have been hard to do before. One of the biggest criticisms against the playoff is that the best team does not get the same amount of points as the last place team.

With these playoff games, the SEC and Big 12 teams should expect to be favoring at least 50% more than any other team, giving them the chance to play them regularly. This would give the teams the incentive to show more of the same form that is already seen in the regular season.

It might not happen overnight, but I think it is a great idea. It would be great to see the fan base that the Cowboys have built in Dallas with college football back on their home turf and enjoying each others’ company.