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Founder’s Blog: On The Sidelnes 10.21.15


Volleyball is teaching us the price of time!

I am proud of the ‘Dawg and Lady ‘Dawg sport programs.  Throughout the year there will be individual and team honors but it is the sportsmanship and character witnessed daily from these athletes that make us so proud.  They are paying the price with their TIME.  This is obvious by how the Lady ‘Dawg volleyball team has built another winner!

They’ve done it again.  Yes, the 2015 Lady Dawg volleyball team has qualified for the state playoffs.  Amazing.  After losing a quality group of seniors in 2014, the Lady ‘Dawgs have regrouped and clinched another playoff spot.  One of the main reasons for their success is they have utilized their time throughout the year (off-season and in-season) to build the current team.

Cari Lowery was hired in 2004 (12 years at the helm) and since that time has produced 10 state playoff appearances, 2 (3, if they win out this year) district championships, 7 Bi-District championships, 2 Area Championships and 2 regional qualifiers.

Last Friday, the Lady ‘Dawgs took a big step in being district or co-district champions by defeating the defending District 12-6A champion Midway Pantherettes.  If the Lady ‘Dawgs win out, they will have captured at least a share of their third title in the last four years.

With the win, the Lady ‘Dawgs improved to 30-11 on the year and 8-1 in district play.  The win over Midway revenged an earlier season loss to the Pantherettes at Midway.  Now, if Cove and Midway win their remaining matches, the squads will be co-district champions.  For the playoffs, the teams can have a tie breaker match for seeding purposes or the coaches can flip a coin.

After defeating Killeen this last Tuesday the Lady ‘Dawgs are now 31-11 overall and 9-1 in district.  They   play both Harker Heights and Belton on the road to finish the regular season.  These matches are not guaranteed wins.  I hope you will support the Lady ‘Dawgs with your attendance.

The Lady ‘Dawgs demonstrate quality work habits, hustle and attitude.  All thanks to the quality leadership of Lady ‘Dawg coaches Cari Lowery (head coach), Christy Thompson, Britney Smart, Melissa Penny and Chelsea Spoor.  The way the coaches and players work everyday reminds me of a story of the legendary football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant.  This story reminds us every day counts!

After the “Bear” died in 1982, a letter was found in his wallet.  The letter was titled, “The Magic Bank Account”.  Imagine that you had won a prize in a contest.  Each morning your bank would deposit $86,400 in your private account for your use.

The prize had five rules.

1. Everything that you didn’t spend during each day would be taken away from you.

2. You may not transfer money into some other account.

3. You may only spend it.

4. Each morning upon awakening, the bank opens your account with another $86,400 for that day.

5. The bank can end the game without warning; at any time it can say, “Game

Over!” It can close the account and you will not receive a new one.

What would you do?  You would buy anything and everything possible for you, your friends and your family.  You would try to spend every penny, every day!  Is this farfetched?  Or is it actually happening, right now?  Today?

This game is real because we have 86,400 seconds of TIME!  The rules are simple.

  1. Each morning we receive 86,400 seconds as a gift of life.

    2. And when we go to sleep at night, any remaining time is not credited to us.
  2. What we haven’t used up that day is forever lost.

    4. Yesterday is forever gone.

    5. Each morning the account is refilled, but the bank can dissolve your account at any time WITHOUT WARNING.

So, what will you do with your 86,400 seconds?  Will we use the time given to us wisely? Those seconds are worth so much more than the same amount in dollars.  Think about it and remember to make every second of your life count, because time races by so much quicker than you think.  Wins are great but the hard work and dedication the ‘Dawgs and Lady ‘Dawgs are putting forth will bring great rewards later in life.

Thought for the week, “I would rather be remembered by a song than by a victory.”  Alexander Smith

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