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jack welch


Thank you ‘Dawg Nation!

True Blue fans are the best! Our fans have demonstrated individual effort in supporting the ‘Dawgs through “thick and thin”.  Just a few weeks ago there were local teams sporting 4-0 and 5-0 records, because of their non-district schedules.  Now several of those teams’ seasons are finished.  They did not make the playoffs, yet they have a winning record!

Why do fans not understand the meaning of non-district and district wins and losses?  I think it is because the emphasis with colleges on the importance of winning a “certain” number of games to be “bowl” eligible, regardless of conference or non-conference wins.  High School does not work that way.

In high school, it is how many district wins deciding which teams qualify for the playoffs.  There is where the problem lies.  Most people do not understand which teams are in the district and what a district is.  In college, the “district” is called conference.  Hopefully, this will make it a little more understandable.

There is a great atmosphere surrounding Cove athletics.  Why?  Folks this is because of you; the fans and parents that support the ‘Dawgs and Lady ‘Dawgs.  Fans and parents make up “atmosphere”.  It is how fans talk, show up at games and cheer!

It is through the good and difficult times, teams are built.  The test of time proves loyal and trusted supporters.  This season has helped bond true friendship.  This fall, we have received the most emails, letters and calls of support I have ever witnessed!

On behalf of the athletes and coaches, I want all our “True Blue” fans and parents to know how much they are appreciated.  To be a “True Blue” fan it takes discipline, sacrifice, and team work.  Just like an athlete, a fan in the true sense of the word understands the depth, talent and make up of a team.  Real fans appreciate the hard work and dedication of athletes and it shows in their loyal support.

Copperas Cove parents are dedicated in encouraging their children to participate.  Participation numbers are good in all sports.  This allows coaches to install championship type programs.  Programs that sustain.  Programs allowed to push for high academic and athletic standards accommodating the needs of students, while providing unlimited opportunities for maximum development of talent and drive. Thought for the week, “Individual commitment to a group effort, that’s what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.” Vince Lombardi


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