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C.H.A.M.P.S. Heart Of Texas Bowl

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Bulldawg Challenge – Youth Essay CHALLENGE

Bulldawg Challenge Heart of Texas Bowl – Youth Essay CHALLENGE

COPPERAS COVE, TX – For youth in Grades 3 – 12: Standards covered include Social Studies (Research, Writing and Reporting), plus Broadcast Journalism

For many young people, heroes take the form of athletes, people with wealth or power, or sadly, criminals with status. Recipients of the Bulldawg Essay Challenge are true heroes and their stories need to be known, appreciated, shared and told by our nation’s youth. The CHALLENGE concept was inspired by our recognition of the need to educate our nation’s youth on the true meaning of a hero, and our desire to honor them at the 2015 Heart of Texas Bowl game with living recipients, each with a story to share.

In 2012, the news media began addressing the crisis of poor writing in America. Some of the reasons that students note is a lack of connection to what they are asked to write as well as a lack of understanding of how to write.

The CHALLENGE allows students to choose a Bulldawg Essay Challenge recipient, conduct research, and write/report the details surrounding the events/s that led to receipt of the Heart of Texas Bowl. The essay may also reflect the students personal opinion on “why the individual” was selected and how it relates to our freedom as Americans, during the period of time of the award. The essay format may also include a “mock” interview that the student might have had with the Bulldawg Essay Challenge recipient.

In lieu of an essay, students may prepare a narrative via a short movie using a tablet or iPad. A movie narrative may be a dramatic presentation and or a group submission that includes costumes or props. For uploading a short movie, we have special instructions found in how to submit section.

Essays must be individual work.

All CHALLENGE essays will be reviewed by a committee consisting of social studies teachers, military history experts and Medal of Honor Bowl Heart of Texas Bowl volunteers. Winning essays and short movies will be honored at halftime and on the website www.heartoftexasbowl.com

Timeline: Confirmation of submission of Essay – ongoing until November 25th, 2015

CHALLENGE closes: November 25, 2015

Essays/written or movie narrative: all submitted by electronic means (email only)

For further information: 832-754-7666

Email: heartoftexasbowl@yahoo.com

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